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Plans & Pricing

Agency Plan

Pricing model
Monthly retainer of $8,000
Media management fee: 4.9% of the media spent

Monthly media spentMonthly retainerMedia management fee 4.9%Total monthly feeEffective monthly fee

Consultancy plan

Pricing model
Hourly rate of $500

How do we charge

Menta’s agency pricing model is based on a fixed monthly retainer, weather the media spent is low or high, since we don’t have any minimum media spent required to start working with us.

The monthly retainer reflects the work that is done with no relation to the media spend level such as:
Research & analysis, Campaigns set up, Reporting, meetings etc.

On top of this, we charge agency fee of 4.9% of the media spent since the media spent level reflects the working time required to managing and optimizing the campaigns.
(The higher media spent = The more working hours required)

The agency fee is fixed as well (4.9%) so as the media spent increases our effective fee decreases.