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Growth Consulting

We have proven experience, we have success stories and we use our unique expertise to craft a winning growth strategy, and an outlined plan to keep you always

UA Campaigns

We use the most advanced strategies to create real differentiation and generate advantages against your competitors. Our team is made up of experienced people with a rich background of tons of millions $ in managed budgets over digital platforms

YouTube for GROWTH

Using YouTube for acquisition and not only for branding is an Art, and we know how to do it with proven success stories. We know that art of successful converting Youtube creative, Smart targeting, and best practices of measurement in order to bring the most accurate Youtube contribution to the whole growth efforts


With proven success stories in Tiktok, we will develop a new successful channel to support your user acquisition and media strategy

Community management

Building an engaged community and maintain it requires knowledge and professional experience. we have them both and can create for you a full plan to build and develop your community in social networks as part of your brand strategy


Improve organic rankings and visibility on the world's most popular search engines. Maximize app discoverability on Apple App Store and Google Play to achieve a constant organic growth of new users.



2019-2021: VP Growth @ Lili banking
2016-2018: Head of user acquisition @ Lemonade
2018-2019 – User acquisition lead in Elementor (outsourcing)



Formerly user acquisition specialist in Lemonade

Idan Aizenberg


User Acquisition Expert for Start-Ups



Formerly user acquisition specialist in Lemonade
User acquisition manager in Guesty.com
PPC expert in 888.com

Why working with menta global?
  1. Unlike most of the media agencies, our team members are experienced marketers at the top of their career, holding impressive achievements and not just doing their first steps with your budget
  2. We’re doing growth and not just managing your budget. We committed to growing your business and bring you the highest added value you won’t get anywhere else
  3. With us you’ll always be on the top of your game, using the most advanced strategies and the hottest features¬†
our expertise

Define your growth strategy, Target audience and personas definitions.
Media planning and digital strategy for user acquisition and branding.
Define messaging and offering based on market analysis and SWOT insights

Highest level of campaigns managment, based on our best practices including creative briefs, sharp copy and data driven optimization proccess all the way to your targets

An ongoing campaigns maintenance and optimization to keep your leading position and react fast to your industry challanges

We value partnerships

We value partnerships

Are You Ready for Growth?

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Are You Ready for Growth?

Contact our team TODAY
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